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Assymetric Rating Adjustment

posted Jul 10, 2015, 11:26 AM by Darin Keever   [ updated Jun 23, 2016, 7:42 AM ]

Performance Handicap Racing Fleet of Galveston Bay, Inc. 
Post Office Box 1276 
La Porte, TX 77572-1276 

Dear PHRGB Member,

We have some exciting revisions for the PHRF Handicap Rating Adjustment Guidelines going into effect for 2015. 

Please review the below rule changes and make any notations on your renewal application where necessary. If you have any questions regarding this we invite you to come to the PHRF annual membership meeting that will be scheduled later this quarter. 

1. Boats that carry headsails with a luff perpendicular less than or equal to 115% will be given a +6 second adjustment to the base rating. This will not apply to boats that were originally designed and handicapped with short overlapping jibs. 

2. If an asymmetric spinnaker, tacked centerline is added to a boat that will not be using the symmetrical spinnaker and pole the below matrix applies. This assumes the maximum width of the asymmetric spinnaker is no more than 1.8x (J+sprit length) or TSP (Spinnaker tack point)

 SA/D  Tack to Bow– at J to J + 3.5%  J + 3.51% to J + 20% J + 20.1% to J + 40% of J
 <20  +9  +3  0
 >20.01 <24  +6  0  -3
 >24.01 <27  +3  -3  -6
 >27  0  -6  -9

SL = SL(Max) = 109% DIA (DIA = straight line from ISP to tack point) above 109% = -3 sec. 

Maximum width = 1.8 

TSP Many boats base configuration assumes an asymmetric spinnaker tacked to the bow or sprit. These boats will not receive additional rating adjustments. 

Thank You, PHRF Galveston Bay